How does a drone fly?

The drones have a fan like rotors which push the air down, and the air pushes the drone up. In a simple drone, usually having four rotors, one located on each side. A drone can either move upwards, forwards, backward, downwards or hover. To hover, the gravitational pull and the net thrust should be equal.

In order to move the drone upwards, the upthrust should be more than the gravitational pull. To move it downwards to the ground, the gravitational pull needs to be greater than the air thrust. The speed of the rotors will slow down.

A drone also changes its position, to change the direction angular momentum of the drone has to be changed. In order to do that, the speed of 2 of the diagonal rotors is reduced, and two diagonal rotors speed is increased. In a nutshell, the changes to the direction are made by changing the spinning rate of the rotors.

Have you ever noticed a cute little machine flying up in the air? What is it? A fan that gives us some air as it passes from the top of our heads in the scorching heat? Or a toy helicopter that flies? What is it exactly? Without further curiosity, it is called a drone also known as, unmanned aerial vehicle. A drone is an aircraft which flies without a human being sitting inside it. A human usually operates a drone from the ground. There is a network connection between both of them.

Back in the time when drones where launched, they were used to carry out military operations. As the time passed, they become more specialized and smaller in size. Now drones are also used for, policing, peacekeeping and surveillance, product deliveries, aerial photography, agriculture, smuggling, and drone racing.

Now you might be wondering, how would you control a drone like that? Well, the answer is simple, by using a computer. That does not mean you have to keep taking your old desktop along with you everywhere. Drones have specially designed remote controllers which have all the necessary buttons to control them. Your job is to operate through those buttons. Your controller must-have features such as WIFI to establish a connection and a GPS connection too.

Parts of drone that help in flying

1. Batteries

Batteries are an important component of a drone, without them a drone would not be able to fly. The batteries provide with the energy for the drone to fly. The size and capacity of the battery depend upon how long a drone can stay up in the air. If the battery dies, the drone will probably fall to the ground. The amount of power from your cell determines how long you can fly.

2. Motors

The kind of motor which is fitted in the drone depends upon the task the drone is built for. For example, is a drone is built for racing it will have a faster-running motor than a drone which is building for videography.

3. Frame

The frame is like a cover on the drone. All the wires, motors and batteries are covered by a colored frame which looks good to the eye. The frame also protects the drone from losing inner parts due to high wind speed or if it crashes somewhere.

4. Propellers

Propellers are of 2 types, carbon propellers, and plastic propellers. The carbon propellers are expensive but more durable whereas the plastic propellers are not as expensive but not as much durable as compared to carbon propellers. The size of the propeller depends upon the frame size of the drone.

5. Electronic speed controller

An electronic speed controller keeps in check the speed of the drone. They change the current that is supplied to the drone to fly. If there will be the same speed of motors, the drone will only be hovering. To move and spin the motor at different speeds, different intensity of the current is supplied.

The increasing uses of drones

As mentioned before, when the drones were first launched they were used for military purposes, but now there are various uses, let us look into them.

1. Military drones

This is the first use of a drone. When there is a threat from enemies and terrorists, the drone is used to attack them. Since a drone does not have any human seated inside, there is no human life danger, and the mission is carried out successfully to fight the terror in the world.

2. Camera drone

One of the most famous and in market use of the drone is the camera drone. You must have noticed drones giving you a nice cool air as they pass above your head. These drones are also called the quadcopters. They are controlled using a remote controller operated by a human. The video that is being made appears on the controller’s screen. The drone can be moved without the human being moving along with the drone. These type of drones are used on occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. Nowadays YouTubers also use drones to capture some amazing aerial shots.

3. Drone racing

As the world today is of drones, the drones have also stepped into the world of sports. The drone race is where a human controls the drone, and he has to carry out a set of tasks. As the time begins the tasks are started, the first one to complete all the tasks wins the drone race. This race was first started in 2014 by Aerial Grand Prix. These drones have a first-person view flying which means that the human operator’s eye can only see what the drone can see, not beyond that. The operator wears FPV goggles to compete in the race.

4. Product deliveries

A human rider delivering the products is old fashioned now since drones are used for this purpose now. Small, lightweight items are put along in the storage area of the drone and delivered to the respective owner. In this way, the deliveries are made with increased efficiency and much faster.

5. Agriculture

They are used in the agriculture sector as well. Instead of hiring a lot of labor to spread out the seeds and fertilizers, drones carry out this task.

In conclusion, it can be said that drones are a very useful invention and they are being used in multiple ways in the world today. The physics behind how drones work is must be pretty easy for you to understand now. Good luck with flying your drone!